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Skyfold is a custom manufactured, fully automatic, rigid, flat retractable acoustic partitioning system that is sure to revolutionize the way you design and work with your space.
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When not in use, SKYFOLD rests in its folded position, in the ceiling, requiring absolutely no floor space. In fact, in many installations, it is not even possible to tell if and where the SKYFOLD walls are located, until they are operated.

SKYFOLD operable walls is remarkably compact. In many instances, depending on the height of the wall, a folding ratio from 1:5 to 1:10 is achieved. This remarkable feature allows SKYFOLD operable walls to be stored in most existing ceiling spaces.

Our finishes include, but are not limited to vinyl, fabric, stainless steel, customer supplied materials, wood veneer, plastic laminates, et. The finish cannot exceed 1/8” (3mm) thickness. For standard design criteria, the finish cannot exceed 0.111 pounds per square foot (0.542 kgs/m²). Heavier material will have to be approved by Skyfold. Our finishes are “railroaded” onto our panels, applied horizontally, in one piece, along the panel length, rather than vertically as is the typical application for wall finishes.

Part of the beauty and elegance of the SKYFOLD Classic operable walls is that they do not require any floor or wall tracks. All acoustical components are integrated into the wall. Once the SKYFOLD Classic operable wall is in the down position, acoustical seals automatically engage against the floor and fixed walls.